Upari, a virtual music artist from outer space. Their spacecraft 'The Wayfare' has been tampered with and the coordinates have led them to planet Earth. Upari doesn't know who, what, or even why they are here but that isn't going to stop the intergalactic superstar from landing, having fun, and performing for the whole world to see.
A self-initiated brief, Upari is a virtual music artist, and would need a character design, branding iconography, promotional material, and world-building, with the goal of releasing a music video.
The project was in collaboration with friend and Music Producer, Bradley Inglesant.​​​​​​
Upari (meaning - ‘from above’ in Sanskrit), is a virtual intergalactic singer, and songwriter, from the planet Awooler in the Mobius Galaxy. They have traveled the cosmos far and wide, from one galaxy to the next, performing some of the most vibrant and exciting shows in the greatest venues the universe has to offer. 
Googie aesthetic as well as 60s space age inspired the project and was a basis from the branding and character design, to its promotional material and animation when it came to producing work.
The manual was made to fit in with the theme of the 70s Space Age but it’s much more than that, I wanted the virtual artist to feel like they’re based in reality and have a document reminiscent of NASA’s graphic design in that period helped push that narrative.
Concept and animation practice.
The animated music video of Upari's single, first contact. A common science fiction theme about the first meeting between humans and extraterrestrial life. The video was created in combination with FL Studio, Clip Studio Paint, and After Effects.

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